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At PRIMEWORK, we have made significant investments in recent years, leading the boutique office market in Madrid.

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· Exclusive location

· Unique design

· Maximum quality

· Comprehensive maintenance

· Wellness environment

· Sustainability

· Constant innovation

· Custom implementation

primework in madrid

Madrid is experiencing a revolution in the luxury residential and hotel real estate market, which has now started to spread to the office market, with a currently very limited offer and lagging behind other major world capitals.

PRIMEWORK has established itself as the reference company in this sector of luxury offices. The prestige of our clients endorses the success of our business model. We continue to invest sustainably in expanding our portfolio and in innovating the most representative workspaces.

Equity Participation

The shareholders of PRIMEWORK are one of the main private investors in New York's largest SOCIMI (REIT), SL GREEN.

The company holds interests in about 60 buildings, including the fifth tallest in the USA, in the city's finest neighborhoods (Park Avenue, Madison, Fifth Avenue, etc), totaling more than 3 million square meters of direct property ownership. SL GREEN is one of the largest SOCIMIs (REITs) in the USA, but it has an absolute concentration, not only in Manhattan but in the most prestigious neighborhoods within Manhattan.

Among its main clients are companies like Giorgio Armani, NIKE, Prada, Franklin Templeton, IBM, among many others of equal prestige.

Its investment philosophy and strategy align very closely with that of PRIMEWORK and it represents a very long-term investment with possibilities for collaboration.

"Build to rent" service

If you're searching but can't find the perfect property to rent for establishing your business, at PRIMEWORK we can help you.

It's possible that within the office sales market, there exists that truly unique and special property that will provide the distinction you're looking for your company. After agreeing on the terms, we will acquire the property and develop a completely customized unique project based on your specifications, giving your office its own identity and differentiating characteristics.

Together, we will build a new PRIMEWORK office that will encompass all the main features present in our entire portfolio:
- The most prestigious location.
- The highest quality and most advanced design in the market.
- Maximum sustainability and innovation.

All are advantages:
- No large outlays.
- More efficient distribution of spaces.
- Design without limitations, reflecting the brand and personality of your company.

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Academia, 4 Rental
Serrano 41-43-45 offices Acquisition
Velazquez, 157 Rental
Viso Guadiana, 27 Building Acquisition
Forbes and Primework Strategic Alliance
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